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Students coming to Lyon as part of an exchange programme : The first place to go for information is the International Relations department of the institution you will be attending.

photo Université Lyon 1
photo Université Lyon 1
Lyon 1 University, International Relations department.
You will find this on the DOUA campus in the “Maison de l’Université” building. Welcoming foreign students is one of their jobs.
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BOREAL is the entry point at Lyon 1 for any foreign student who registers as an individual

• On the Doua site- Astrée building (1st floor) mail
Monday and Wednesday : 8h30-17h30 (non-stop)
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 8h30-12h00/13h30-17h30

• Rockefeller site – International Relations Office 04 78 77 70 01
Tuesday and Thursday : 13h30-17h30

Lyon 2 University, International Relations Division
This department manages the administrative and technical aspects of student mobility
Reception of foreign students taking part in exchange programmes.

Lyon 2 University, MAEVA
Foreign students who have registered on their own (as opposed to an exchange programme) are welcomed by the MAEVA department
Porte des Alpes Campus – 5 avenue Pierre Mendès France 69676 Bron cedex 04 78 77 31 74. mail Opening hours Monday to Friday 9 h - 16 h 30.

Lyon 3 University, International Relations Department
6 Cours Albert Thomas BP8242 - 69355 Lyon Cedex 08 • 04 78 78 73 93 mail Weblink

Association Lyon III International facilitates the arrival of foreign students.

The Multiservice student space (known as Espace Multiservices Etudiants) open from September 6th to November 15th 2010. This international reception office provides services for students.
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