Welcome, benvenuto, willkommen, bienvenidos, Καλός ήλθατε...

You are one of more than 16 000 foreign students here in Lyon. We’d like to give you a warm welcome !

12,000 students at three major universities in Lyon, 4000 and in other institutions, including the 1800 at Insa and 1300 at the Catholic University of Lyon.

23% (including EU 18%) are from Europe, 19% of sub-Saharan Africa, 22% of the Maghreb countries, 20% Asian, 6% of the Near and Middle East, 3% North America and 6% of South and Central America.
35% are enrolled in Bachelor, Master 40% in 40.2%, 11% PhD.

The following information is especially for you.
However, before coming over to Lyon, there are things you should know
Getting here and settling in should be planned in advance to avoid any bad surprises.

We present the steps required: residence permits, medical, language tests, but also practical information: opening a bank account, find housing, work, health care, recreation ideas and discovery, meeting. ..

To phone a foreign country, tap 00 then the country code. The list of country codes is available on Pages jaunes website
To call France +33 (le + replaces the 0 in the local phone numbers)

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