Welcome, benvenuto, willkommen, bienvenidos, Καλός ήλθατε...

You are one of over 15,000 students from other countries studying in Lyon. Welcome!

Welcome, benvenuto, willkommen, bienvenidos, Καλός ήλθατε...
Among the 145,000 students found in the Lyon urban area, you are one of the 14,000 foreign students
23% come from Europe (including 18% from the EU), 19% from Sub-Saharan Africa, 22% from North Africa, 20% from Asia, 6% from the Near East, 3% from North America and 6% from Central and South America. 
35% have signed up for a Bachelor's Degree, 40% for a Master's and 11% for a Doctorate. 

The information in this section is specially designed for you. We explain the steps you must follow,  language tests, and present useful information on how to open a bank account, find housing, work and obtain medical care. We also suggest leisure activities and ways to explore your environment and tell you how you can meet people.
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