Places to meet and exchange

Reception, visits, theme evenings, outings, … these are some of the activities offered by several dynamic associations in Lyon.

Places to meet and exchange
On Thursday October 28th 2010, Lyon city invites 1 800 students from the world over and new arrivals in Lyon to meet and have a good time at the Transbordeur hall in Villeurbanne.
Information will be available on this in September on the website:


25 rue Jaboulay - 69007 Lyon - Tel. 06 74 48 41 86 mail
Network of international associations called Erasmus Student Network (ESN).
Organise events all year long in Lyon. The ESNCosmoLyon membership card offers all sorts of advantages and reductions (bars, theatre, opening a bank account…)

AEGEE (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe)
c/o Maison de l’Europe - 18 avenue Félix Faure - 69007 Lyon mail
Encourage cultural exchange between Europeans

Kotopo - Espace culturel international
Open from Tuesday to Friday, from 5 pm to 11 pm
14 rue René Leynaud - 69001 Lyon – Tel. 04 72 07 75 49 mail
Membership: you can give what you like (minimum 2 euros for a year)
Promote linguistic and cultural diversity. Weekly lessons in over 20 different languages, linguistic exchanges, library, international bar and cultural programme, story evenings, games from the world over, films….

AECAL (Association des Etudiants de Cultures Africaines de Lyon).
5 av, Pierre Mendès-France - 69500 Bron Tel. 04 78 58 23 25 mail
Exchanges between African and Western students (artists, university students…) during cultural and scientific events.

Café International (Université Lumière Lyon 2)
Maison de l’Etudiant - 5 avenue Pierre Mendès-France - 69676 Bron cedex mail
For foreign students to meet students from Lyon in a friendlier atmosphere than the University. The first Tuesday of each month.

Sixième Continent 51 rue Saint Michel 69007 Lyon Tel. 04 37 28 19 74 mail
A place to (re) discover various world cultures of all sorts, through artistic and cultural activities: the visual arts, cinema, music, literature, story-reading, conferences, concert-halls, a bar run by an association, organisation of the 6th Continent festival.
The bar is open every evening from 6pm to 11 pm (Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 1 am)
You have to subscribe to the association in order to attend: price for one year, 2 euros

Maison de l’Europe de Lyon et du Rhône
18 avenue Félix Faure – 69007 Lyon Tel. 04 78 42 42 76 mail
Reception open all year round from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6 pm
Many associations can be found here. Debates on European projects (conferences, study-days, seminars).They organise the European Month. Trainees welcome. Student subscription: 10 euros

Les Jeunes Européens - Lyon 13 rue de l’Arbre Sec - 69001 Lyon – Tel. 06 62 13 89 89 mail
The Lyon branch of Jeunes Européens France and the trans-European movement JEF.
EUROPE. Debating cafés, conferences, public events.

Association des Amitiés franco-chinoises
24 rue Turbil - 69003 Lyon Tel. 06 33 24 22 27
The 1st Friday in each month from 4 pm to 7 pm
Support and advice for Chinese students when they arrive in Lyon.

Association France-Canada Lyon Rhône-Alpes
7 rue Major Martin – 69001 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 31 52 82 mail
An Canadian cultural association in Lyon.

Centre Japonais de Lyon 53 rue Montesquieu – 69007 Lyon Tel. 04 78 69 25 46
Cultural exchanges between French and Japanese people living in and around Lyon.
Organisation of Franco-Japanese evenings. Student subscription: 25 euros
Open on Tuedsays from 3pm to 6 pm

Association France-USA - Tel. 04 78 37 97 63 (answering machine).
Links up French and American people, including students. Organise evenings for Americans in France (Thanksgiving dinner in November, Super Bowl party in January, etc). Student subscription: 19 euros

Centre franco-scandinave 7 rue Major Martin – 69001 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 27 18 42 mail
Brings together people from the Rhône Alpes area who are interested in Scandinavia: cultural exchanges, and events on cultural or topical subjects.

Association Libano-Française des Etudiants de Lyon
Welcomes Lebanese students to Lyon: dances, touristic excursions to other French cities.

(France Amérique Latine) 11 rue Léon Chomel - 69100 Villeurbanne mail
Broadcasting of Latin-American culture, evenings, conferences, films, culinary specialities, support for cooperative projects in Latin America…Subscription: 13 euros a year.
Open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 6 pm

Association Culturelle Cambodgienne de Lyon (ACC) mail
Maison des Sociétés - Boite 87 - Square Grimma - 69500 Bron

A few bars and restaurants…

Red House 2 petite rue de Montplaisir - 69008 Lyon Tel. 04 78 01 85 67.
Situated near the Université Lyon 3, Manufacture site, this bar is associated with the Université Lyon 3 international relations department and organises evenings, happy hours, etc, allowing foreign students to fit in.

Johnny Walsh’s 56 rue Saint Georges - 69005 Lyon – Tel. 04 78 42 98 76
A real Irish pub, full of English-speaking people !

Café du Bout du Monde 3 rue d’Austerlitz - 69004 Lyon – Tel. 04 72 98 39 08
A convivial sort of place where people of all languages and cultures meet up in a relaxed atmosphere.
Membership card : 2 euros a year.

Ayers Rock Australian Cafe
2 rue Désirée - 69001 Lyon – Tel. 0 820 320 203

Le Pop 7 avenue Albert Einstein – 69100 Villeurbanne Tel. 04 78 93 62 03
Student bar right next to the Doua campus. Concerts, evenings. A warm student atmosphere.