Mastering the French language.

Before coming to France you probably had to take a language test. Mastering the French language is the key to success during your stay, for your studies and for fitting in.

Testing your level in French

Mastering the French language.
The DAP is obligatory for students who are not from EEA countries and wish to register at a French university. It involves a test of French knowledge.
You do not have to take this test if :
- you have a DELF (glossary link) or a DALF (glossary link)
- French is the official language in your country of origin
- You went to a French-speaking school

There are two French tests specially for foreign students that you can take in your own country. These are useful if you need to certify your level of French knowledge when filling in university entrance forms.

The TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français)
This test is organized by the International Centre for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP). It includes a test in the form of multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) and a test of written expression.
These tests are designed to assess the level of understanding of the French language students and special abilities to follow a course of higher education.
The examination is paying. For the academic year 2010, it is 63 €. It can be passed in one of 600 accredited centers in 130 countries.
The calendar of the TCF is fixed in each country, check with the agency CampusFrance.

The TEF (Test d’évaluation de Français) of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry is also recognized by the Ministry of Education if the result is 14/20 or more.

If you want to brush up your French
After several months in France, you will make visible progress, especially when you are with your French friends. A good level of French is required for your studies.
Most of the teaching is in French. You can take French lessons by choice or by obligation. You can also practice French through associations and meeting places.

Here are a few ways to get help. In Lyon, you can go on intensive French language courses of any level and take language exams : DELF, DALF, DU.... French lessons are available in most institutions of higher education.

French language centres in Lyon
the [label quality FLE] is awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Centre International d’Etudes Françaises (CIEF) [Label qualité FLE]
Université Lumière - Lyon 2 16 quai Claude Bernard - 69365 Lyon cedex 07
Courses on a the basis of a year, a semester, specialised courses, practical courses and working for diplomas.
Brochures année 2010-2011

• Institut de Langue et de Culture Française (ILCF) [Label qualité FLE]
Université Catholique de Lyon 25 rue du Plat - 69288 Lyon cedex 02
Tél. 04 72 32 50 53 Contact : [email protected]
Aimed at all levels from beginner to bilingual, several syllabuses are on offer :
By the month, semester, semi-intensive or intensive, summer schools…
Brochure 2010-201

Other organisations teaching French : These offer intensive courses or courses by the term, the semester, the year, as well as evening classes.
They train you for the DELF and DALF exams. Most of them are also there to welcome you to France.

Alliance Française de Lyon 11 rue Pierre Bourdan - 69003 Lyon [Label qualité FLE]
Tél. 04 78 95 24 72. [email protected]

Inflexyon 10, rue René Leynaud 69001 Lyon 04 78 39 77 02 [Label qualité FLE]

Institut Lyonnais [Label qualité FLE]
9 avenue Leclerc – 69007 Lyon.
Tél. 04 78 69 25 04. [email protected]

Ecole Interculturelle de Français pour Etrangers (EIFE 2F)
3 grande rue des Feuillants - 69001 Lyon Tél. 04 78 39 04 88

Lyon Bleu International
54 cours Lafayette - 69003 Lyon 04 37 48 00 26 - Contact : [email protected]

Espace Forma Rhône-Alpes - Institut Supérieur de Français Langue Etrangère
181- 203 avenue Jean Jaurès – 69007 Lyon 04 37 28 75 75

"Passport to Science in French is an online learning module designed for non-Francophone wishing to study science in French.