Higher education

As in most European countries, the French university system is based on a degree, a master and post-graduate studies.

Higher education
Degrees awarded in France are generally recognized by the governement, which ensures the quality of teaching. These include the degree of national public institutions (schools and universities). Diplomas and certificates awarded by the Grandes Ecoles of engineering and management are also subject to extremely strict accreditation procedures.

There is also a large variety of degrees specific to each institution. This large variety of degrees offered by higher education should not put you off: rather it is a wealth of the French system.

Each degree corresponds to a term and a strictly defined, which is not always the case elsewhere. Your diploma is a French label that clearly indicates what you studied and what you can do.

With the LMD system, the diplomas are accompanied by a supplement. This document details the course the student: the knowledge, activities related to training ...

The degree takes 3 years, the master a further 2 years and the PhD a further 3 years.
At the end of secondary school, French pupils take their Baccalauréat. This is obligatory to gain access to higher education.
Students enrol for one main subject and several optional ones. Teaching is organised in units made up of a given number of credits. The student must gain enough credits to validate his year and get his diploma. Teaching is either CM, TD or TP (see glossary)
To get a degree, you have to validate 180 credits over a period of 3 years.
For the Master : 120 credits over a period of 2 years
For the PhD : 300 credits over a period of 3 years.

For more information on Further Education in France
• www.campusfrance.org available in many different languages
• www.onisep.fr : explanation of the whole French LMD system
• www.egide.asso.fr

The Lyon university - PRES includes 20 establishments of higher education in Lyon and plays an important part in university life.

Their website will provide you with all the latest news about student life, about partnerships with other universities and about university courses available.