Funding your stay

Working while studying

In France, there is a minimum wage, known as the "SMIC," that corresponds to 9.67 euros per hour gross; that is, before mandatory social contributions (approximately 20%) have been deducted. You must not be paid less than this amount! 
Since a "student" residence permit or a "student" long-stay visa are equivalent to a residence permit, they entitle any type of salaried activity
Therefore, you do not need to request a work authorization if you hold a "student" residence permit. 
Remember that any professional activity must be carried out within the limit of 964 hours of work annually. The Prefecture may withdraw the residence permit of foreign students who go beyond this limit. 

Foreign students may be employed only after their employer has made a nominative declaration to the Prefecture that granted a residence permit to the student or to the home Prefecture of foreigners holding a long-term "student" visa. This formality must be met at least two days before the starting date of employment. 
The declaration must include a copy of the student's residence permit or long-term visa. It must specify the type of employment, contract duration, number of hours worked annually and the expected starting date of employment. 
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For Algerian students
The right to work for Algerian students is governed by the Franco-Algerian agreement signed on December 27, 1968, and modified in 2001. 
You are subject to a work authorization if you wish to carry out salaried work to support your studies. 
You must request this authorization from the DDTEFP. It must be accompanied by a promise of employment or a work contract. 
The authorization is limited to 50% of the annual duration of work.

Field experience internships

Field experience internships are subject to a three-part agreement between the school or university, the organization offering the internship and the student.
If you carry out a mandatory internship during your studies, you do not need prior authorization (Autorisation préalable, or APT). 
However, if delivery of your diploma depends on a later internship after your studies (accountants, notaries, etc.), you require an APT. In this case, you must supply your student card, residence permit, work contract project and a certificate from the professional organization involved. 

For an internship that lasts at least two months, you should receive a stipend amounting to approximately 523.26 euros per month. 

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