Formalities and residence permits

How to sign up at an education establishment? Which documents do you need?

Before your arrival in France, find out all the details about how to sign up, to avoid bad surprises. All the information is on the website and also on the website of your chosen higher education institution.

Your institution should give you an appointment and a list of the documents you need to bring with you (diploma, subscription fees…). On the day of your appointment, you will be signing up at the institution. They will ask you for your student visa or the receipt specifying that you are on the waiting list for an appointment at the Préfecture.(see glossary)
Once you have registered, you get your student card, valid for one university year (September 2010 to September 2011). This proves your student status and includes important data like entry registration, social security membership and university library membership. You will need this card when you take your exams, pay for meals at university restaurants and also to entitle you to price-reductions in shops (see glossary “carte cumul”).

At the university, you can sign up from beginning of July to end of September.
Your registration in a French higher education institute is in your name and for one year at a time.

Signing up is done in two parts :
- administrative part : paying for your educational registration, your contribution to student life expenses and your social security subscription (192 euros if you don’t have a grant). You will then be given your student card. Plan how you will pay for this as soon as you arrive in France !
- educational part : choice of course, subjects and options.

For your information, university registration fees for 2009-2010 were 174 € for the degree course, 234 € for the masters course and 359 € for the post-graduate doctorate (the fees can be as high as 700 € for certain courses).

Each institution publishes a list of the documents you need to send in with your application form.
Here is a typical list :
• Proof of the level of studies you have reached : originals of your diplomas, certificates or reports showing your marks, translated into French and certified conform by an official French department.
Don’t forget to show originals of your diplomas, but only part with photocopies. Keep the originals yourself.
• Results of your French test, if required by your institution.
•Passport with a student visa, identity card for members of the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland.
• 2 birth certificates
• If you have done pre-registration, known as DAP in French, you should hand in your form, signed by the institution’s president.
• If you have a grant from the French government, you will need to send in the original and one copy of your grant statement.
• A certificate proving you are insured.for civilian liability
• 2 recent identity photos : a small stock of these will always be useful !
• Some stamped envelopes : remember to buy stamps and envelopes the right size 230*160 mm
• A means of payment : bank card or cash

To register for the first two years at university :
If you have a foreign secondary school diploma from a country outside the EEA registration procedure begins with filling in a DAP (demande d’admission préalable) for pre-registration.
This can be done at the French embassy in your country of residence or at a CEF.
If you have no CEF in your country of residence, please contact an institution of higher education to obtain a registration form (you can often download this, then send it in by post). This enables you to keep all the data in one electronic file and get quicker replies from institutions or about visa formalities.

An electronic file will enable you to send the same registration form in to all the institutions you would like to enter. An individual interview will then be set up with Campus France and this might include a French test.

Warning : you may be required to produce a language level diploma : see « fitting in and mastering the language ».

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