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Having a job at the same time as being a student

In France there is a minimum legal wage, known as the SMIC (see glossary). The gross hourly wage is 8.71 €, that is before obligatory social contributions have been taken off (around 20% per hour). You should not be paid less than this !
The fact that you have a student resident’s card or a long stay student visa entitles you to have a paid job, without asking for special permission.
However, your job must not exceed 964 hours a year. The prefecture can withdraw a student’s resident card if this limit is not respected.

A foreign student can only be hired after the employer has registered his or her name at the prefecture that issued the resident’s card, or for a foreign student holding a long stay visa, at the prefecture of the place where he or she lives. This formality must be done at least 2 days before starting the job.

Registration includes a copy of the student’s resident’s card or long-stay visa. The nature of the job, length of contract, number of hours to be worked annually and starting date should be stated.

For Algerian students :
Algerian students’ legal working rights come under the Franco-Algerian agreement of December 27th 1968, modified in 2001.
You must obtain permission to work if you wish to have a paid job during your studies.
An application form must be sent in to the DDTEFP. This must include a job contract or promise of a job.
Permission is limited to 50% of the yearly work quota

For further information about grants in France:
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Practical training courses

If you have to do a practical training course during your studies, no prior permission (APT) is necessary.
There must be a tripartite convention between your institution , the employer and yourself.

For a training course of at least three months, you should be paid a third of the SMIC, ie around 390 € a month.
However, if your diploma is only issued after an end-of-study training course (chartered accountants, solicitors…) you have to apply for an APT. In this case you will need to produce a student card, a resident’s card, the job contract project and a certificate from the training school.

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