Finance your stay : a realistic budget

Study grants and help from the French State

Each year, the French Foreign Ministry gives study grants to foreign students through French Embassies. In that case, your stay in France is managed by the CROUS in Lyon (see glossary) or the EGIDE (see glossary). These two organisations ensure that the grant is paid, do everything to help you to settle in and make your stay here a success.
The French government gives out a large number of grants each year. The beneficiaries are chosen by the cultural department in French embassies.

Wherever they reside, grant candidates can therefore apply directly to these services in their own country, at least one year in advance, in order to obtain all the necessary information on grants and application forms.

Comprehensive grant list

Further information about grants in France
Egide - in english

France is different from other countries in that it gives considerable indirect financial help to each student by assuming practically the whole cost of higher education in public institutions, both for French students and foreigners. The real cost of higher education is around 6000 euros per student, per year, on average.

Hostater Foundation grants
These are grants managed by the CROUS, and are given to French or foreign students who have no other grant, are in their last year’s studies and who are in financial difficulty.
Information is available from the CROUS Social service facility, telephone 04 72 80 13 25

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