Finance your stay : a realistic budget

Many students have a job to help to finance their studies. You are probably one of them. However, it is hard to work and study properly at the same time !

Finance your stay : a realistic budget
Most students finances come from a variety of sources : personal savings, parental or state help, a job…
Your student status will entitle you to reductions on transport, leisure activites…
However, be careful to plan your budget for being in France in as much detail as possible.

You will need at least 600 euros a month to live decently and possibly 800 euros the first month to meet the expense of settling in.
Reminder : you will need a minimum of 430 euros monthly revenue in order to obtain a resident’s permit !

In France, we pay in Euros. The Euro is the currency used by most of the states of the European Union. This makes it easier to compare prices when travelling in these countries. If you take advantage of your time in Lyon to visit one of these countries, you will not need to change any money.

Payment in France is usually made in the following ways :
Bank card for purchases in shops
Cheque or automatic transfer for gas, water and electricity bills, …
Cash for small daily expenses.
When you are given a receipt in a shop the price includes tax and service. In bars and restaurants you can leave a tip for the waiter if you want, but this is not obligatory any more.

An idea of the cost of living in Lyon
Accomodation : 350 to 600 euros a month for a studio or a one-roomed flat, known as a T1
Monthly electricity, gas and telephone bill : 60 euros on average
City transport : 11.90 euros for a book of 10 tickets valid on the bus, tram and metro (or monthly subscription 25 euros)
High speed inter-city train from Lyon to Paris : 60 euros if you have a 12-25 card, which also costs 49 euros a year, 120 euros if you have no card. You can buy ‘Prem’s’ tickets on internet. These are very cheap, but it is a good idea to plan your trip three months in advance.

Food : about 200 euros a month
A meal at one of the university restaurants : 2.90 euros
A meal at a pizzeria (with desert, but no drink) : 15 euros
A 250 g stick of French bread : 0.80 euros on average
A ticket for the cinema : 6 or7 euros on average, student price
Ticket for a show : 4 euros with the Culture Pass (Pass Culture : see link)

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