In order to drive a car, you must have a driving licence. Be careful to respect the French highway code, which may be different from the one in your country !

If your driving licence is from an EEA country it is also valid in France.
If however, you have a driving licence from a country outside the EEA, you can drive on French soil with your own licence for the duration of your studies, as long as you have a student resident’s card.
If you stay in France once your studies are finished, you have one year to change your foreign driving licence for a French one. This year’s delay is worked out from the date on your student resident’s card
Take a driving lesson at one of the driving schools (auto-école), this will be very useful and there are usually special student prices.

Speeding and dangerous driving (alcohol, drugs…) are severely punished, usually by the removal of your driving licence. Be careful !


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