It is hard to find accommodation in Lyon ! You must look for accommodation before you start your studies or book first into temporary accommodation (youth hostel, CISL…)

You have registered in an institution in Lyon ? You are going to make a work experience ? The search of an accommodation is an important stage for your life comfort. The options which are suggested to you depends on how long you stay.

If you are passing through
You can try the temporary accommodation. Depending on the lenght of your stay, the prices vary from 300 to 400 euros(inclusive).
Some student residences with services also receive trainees within the year depending on their abilities. Don't hesitate to enquire from every residences, they have their own terms. link

The different renting options for a long stay

The CROUS runs the accommodation in university halls of residence (room, studio or type 2 flat).
The HLM office suggests all kinds of accommodations. Some of them keep a part of their accommodations for students.
Be careful with the final date to submit your file to the CROUS (from the 15th January to the 30th April) and with waiting time for the HLM. link

Private housing stock
You can choose to look for yourself an accommodation for rent (room or flat). You must go through an estate agency, a property manager (a "régie") or directly private. Some steps are necessary. You must add to your rent all the expenses (electricity, water, phone). For an accommodation in town, you can try the roommate ! link

Residences with services (private student residences) ask for more or less high file fees. Very often rents include the water. The rest is payable by yourself. link

All the information on our chapter on accommodation (in french)

You can apply for accommodation benefit . The amount is calculated on the basis of your accommodation and personal financial situation. To qualify for this benefit you must have a resident’s card for at least 4 months duration.
CAF de Lyon 67 boulevard Vivier Merle - 69409 Lyon Cedex 03 -
The CAF works out how much benefit you get from your income tax sheet. If you are not on your parents’ income tax return, remember to fill one in yourself, even if you have earned nothing.

Where to get help
At the beginning of the University year, during registration time, EME (Espace Multiservices Etudiant) makes all necessary information available to students, to enable them to fit into Lyon and ensure their studies go well.

CROUS manages university residences and provides information on offers of accommodation on their internet site for 1 euro a year. Open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 4 pm

CLLAJ CLLAJ (local committee for independent lodgings for young adults): This organization provides counsel and assistance in finding lodgings and in rental management. 3 avenue de l'Abbé Rozier, 69001 Lyon, Tel. 04 72 07 87 17

CRIJ The regional information center for young adults (CRIJ) posts lodgings offers . Offers of accommodation to be consulted all year round. 10 quai Jean Moulin - 69001 Lyon. Regional site Tel.

OSE OSE Housing features a private ad service for a €25 membership fee. Club Etudiant O.S.E. 78 rue de Marseille 69007 Lyon 04 78 69 62 62